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I missed my telehealth phone call, what should I do?
I missed my telehealth phone call, what should I do?
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If you missed the phone call from one of our doctors, you will be notified via email or SMS that you missed the phone call. Please check your Inbox/All Mail/Junk/Spam folders for an email with subject "You missed your InstantScripts doctor consultation call" and click on the "click here" button.

You will have a few options:
a) You can request a doctor to call you again
b) You can change a phone number to be called on
c) You can cancel your request

Please make sure your phone settings are not blocking "unknown numbers".

Unsure how to unblock "unknown numbers"?

Click on settings and follow the prompts below:

For iPhone:
Settings > Phone > Un/Silence Unknown Callers.

For Android:
From the Home screen, tap Phone.
Tap MORE > Settings > More settings > Caller ID > Tap desired setting to view or edit.

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If you still need help, you can raise a request with the customer support team.

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