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Can I request a blood test?
Can I request a blood test?
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An Blood Test request allows patients to request a pathology referral via a digital medical consultation. If eligible patients will be provided with a referral to attend a pathology test.

You can take your pathology referral to most pathology collection centres in Australia.

Once your pathology test has been conducted and your results have been analysed, the pathology laboratory will send us your results.

You can review our Pathology catalogue to see what blood test are offered.

What happens after my pathology test?

InstantScripts will notify you that your results are available for viewing. InstantScripts has developed a simple and easy way to use pathology results so patients can see what is being tested and understand the results.

In the event that your results are outside of the expected healthy range, InstantScripts will contact you to request a follow-up consultation with one of our doctors.

How quickly are results delivered?

Once your pathology test has been conducted, InstantScripts should receive your results within three to seven working days. If we have not received your results within that time period, we will contact you to understand if the pathology test has been conducted and, if necessary, follow-up with the pathology laboratory for your results.

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